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Halal Golden Fish Curd 250gm (20pcs)

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Cooking Recipe

Fish curd is a delicious traditional dish that belongs to the Cantonese cuisine. This dish is golden yellow, soft and delicious, sweet and fragrant, suitable for soup and stew.Dishes suitable for large and small banquets.Fish curd can be used as a food ingredient for chefs to play at will, and it is a versatile delicacy. At the same time, it also provides you with gastronomic creativity to make unique food. 

It is a specialty of Luoding City, Guangdong Province, and is a common food in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, China.

The master beats the meat of the fish until it is gummed, and then stirs it with corn starch, egg white and water, makes a ping-pong ball shape and fry it in hot oil until golden brown, because it is as smooth as tofu, so it is called fish curd, and it is often mixed with soup noodles and eaten together.

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